Week 5 Meal Plan: Eating Out Less

This meal plan features all meals and snacks eaten (or made) from home. Try it one week and see how it goes! If you’re a person who eats out often, try to eat out 1-2 times less per week.

Personally I like eating out but we need to remember to do it less frequently.

For this weeks meal plan I tried to make sure it was easy, didn’t need any special recipes, and was quick along with healthy.

SundayKind bar and bananaGreek yogurtTurkey sandwich on whole grain with carrot sticksString cheeseCrock pot pork chops, baked potato and steamed broccoliGrapefruit
MondayGreek yogurt with whole grain cerealAlmondsTurkey sandwich on whole grain with carrotsBananaTurkey tacos (with whole grain tortillas and veggies)Apple
TuesdayOatmeal with walnuts and fruitAppleSalad with leftover pork on top and whole grain crackersString cheeseGrilled chicken, brown rice, and green beansGreek yogurt
WednesdayKind bar and bananaGreek yogurtWhole grain crackers with tuna salad and carrot sticksRaisinsLEFTOVERSPopcorn
ThursdayGreek yogurt with whole grain cerealAlmondsSalad with tuna and whole grain crackersApplePork BBQ (pork loin with your favorite BBQ sauce) served on whole grain roll and vinaigrette coleslawGrapefruit
FridayOatmeal with walnuts and fruitGreek yogurtLeftover pork BBQRaisinsMYO Pizza night (instead of getting pizza out)Popcorn
SaturdayEggs, whole grain toast, and fruitAlmondsPBJ with carrot sticksAppleWhole grain pasta, your favorite pasta sauce, and a salad (instead of going out for Italian)Greek yogurt


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