Changing My Environment

When I began my career I was placed, as a young whippersnapper dietitian, at an outpatient radiation clinic. Surprisingly, I felt like a valuable part of the team helping patients who had cancer. These people needed help with their nutrition so that they could live as normally as possible through their treatment. That’s when I realized the impact nutrition could have on the lives of cancer patients.

After that, I worked at a large medical center seeing some of the worst cancers. I was working to help people through the terrible symptoms caused by both radiation and chemo as well as bone marrow transplants. The more I read about cancer treatment, cancer survivorship, and cancer prevention, the more I realized nutrition had a bigger piece of the pie than most give it credit for. This fueled the fire for understanding how nutrition impacts the prevention of cancer.

Later in my career, I worked for an insurance company in their Health Education and Wellness department. We taught an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Program and I’m pretty sure it was the greatest thing I’ve ever taught…and I’ve taught a lot of programs (some I even wrote!). In the class, we talked about how nutrition, physical activity, social, and environmental factors impacted cancer risk and prevention. I learned so much and that’s when my environmental lifestyle changed forever.

I wasn’t super aware of all of the environmental toxins that I used or were around every day. After this class, I had a heightened awareness of just about everything I used every day and how that impacted me and my family. Admittedly, I was a little neurotic at first…thinking I had to throw out everything and start fresh with new natural stuff. As I went on I made a mental list of what was important to me and what was feasible for me to do.

I’m sharing this list because if you’ve been reading up on environmental toxins and are overwhelmed believe me…I was there!!!!! Hope this helps đŸ™‚

Here are some changes I’ve made to lower environmental toxins in my everyday life.

  1. I only microwave in glass. This was the first and easiest to adjust to. No more microwaving in plastic because that plastic breaks down and leaches into your food. Just throw it in a glass bowl/plate and microwave it like that. Easy peasy!
  2. Hand soap swap. I use handsoap all day every day (two super-pooper boys). I’m a huge fan of foaming hand soap which is awesome because making it is SOOO EASY! I use about 1/4-1/3 cup Castile soap (all natural plant based), witch hazel (to help with any cuts or abrasions on my skin), grape seed oil (to moisturize), essential oils (usually lemon, lavender, or whatever I want it to smell like), and water. Boom, done.
  3. Laundry detergent. This was another easy swap. We had already used the free-and-clear versions of commercial soaps and honestly sometimes still do when I get lazy BUT DIY laundry detergent is super easy to make. Castile soap, baking soda, laundry soda, essential oils, water, done. There are really good recipes online but honestly, I’m so used to making it I just dump dump pour drip drop boom. I also use wool dryer balls with essential oils to keep the laundry smelling so-fresh-and-so-clean.
  4. Cleaning spray/products. My boys eat off of everything. The floor, the table, themselves, whatever. So I really don’t like the thought of them possibly picking up toxins from cleaning supplies. My everyday cleaning spray is simply distilled vinegar, castile soap, essential oils, and water. I mostly clean off highchairs, table, and countertops with it. I’ve also started using Norwex (I’ll put a plug in for my friends Heather and Lysandra who sell these wonderful clothes and cleaning supplies)!!!!!!
  5. Beauty products. This is one that I’m slowest on and honestly, my make up isn’t natural. Makeup really isn’t a priority because I don’t wear it every day. Soaps, scrubs, face masks, lotions, lip glosses, and other things are all in check. I’m a big fan of POSH, especially their lotions, and soaps. YUM! I also use essential oils to make my own.
  6. Essential oiler. I started being a serious oiler a year ago. I knew about essential oils but I didn’t make the plunge to start using them regularly until this past year and I’m so glad I did! I use two major brands, Young Living and Plant Therapy. Honestly, I use them for one thing or another. It makes reducing your environmental toxins so easy!
  7. Using stainless steel or glass to eat/drink off/out of. More and more I’m reducing plastic in my life to the point that in a few years I hope to have little to none. The twins drank out of glass or stainless steel bottles when they were babies but I’m still working on sippy cups! Not only is this for cancer prevention but also think about the positive impact on the environment!
  8. Threw out my candles. Remember that essential oil bit? Yeah, I use those scents instead of burning candles…and believe me, I had a candle problem years ago! Instead, I just use essential oils with my diffusers (I bought 2 of them on Amazon for $15 each…seriously, cheap! I also have a Young Living one as well). Essential oils smell good AND many have an aromatherapeutic effect!
  9. Keeping the cell phone away from my body as much as possible. Cell phones next to your body could increase your risk for cancer (research is still inconclusive but RF waves aren’t awesome) Ladies, stop putting your cell phone in your bra next to your breasts!
  10. ***Using beeswax covers instead of plastic wrap or my beloved press ‘n seal. I love press ‘n seal. Hahaha I do though. BUT I’ve wanted to switch more for environmental reasons than toxin reasons (because I don’t microwave with press ‘n seal). I was given a sample of the beeswax covers by a local company Dreaming Tree Designs. The designs are cute AND all you need to do is wash it off and reuse over and over and over again!

I hope this helps. If you want to learn more about environmental toxins check out The Anti Cancer Lifestyle Program’s free environmental assessment! It’s an eye-opener!

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